Agritech 2023 Conferences

Empowering Global Innovation in Agriculture, Food, and Water

Agritech has been a platform for innovation in agriculture, food, and water since its foundation, thanks to its world-renowned speakers, mind-provoking sessions, and inspiring content. We aim to present our participants with the latest technologies, practices, and development that will shape the Agritech industry in the future.


Addressing Food Security in a disrupted era

Food security is crucial worldwide. However, recent events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, and the global recession pose significant challenges.


Agritech 2023 will concentrate on overcoming these obstacles and explore the following critical topics:

Food Security Challenges Amidst Climate Change ​

Agricultural practices in arid zones and precision agriculture

Postharvest Practices: New Frontiers

Crop Protection: Emerging Challenges and Solutions

Controlled Climates: Greenhouses, Hydroponics, and Vertical Farming

Robotics and Autonomous Harvesting

Water Reclamation and Desalination Innovations

Agro-voltaic Systems

Aquaculture Advancements

Innovative Animal Farming Techniques

Cultured Meat and Alternative Proteins

Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

Food and water innovations for emerging markets

Agritech 2023 Excursions: Engaging, Hands-On Learning Experiences


Immerse yourself in the future of agriculture and water by joining one of Agritech’s exclusive summit excursions. Connect with fellow participants, meet trailblazers, and explore the technologies shaping the industry’s future.

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