Thursday , October 19, 2023 Time-08:00am- 06:30pm


Deshen Hatzafon , Innovalley

Visit in Yevul-Info , Deshen Hatzafon , Innovalley 

  • Innovalley accelerator is an Innovation Center for Agriculture, Aquaculture and Climate Tech
  • Yevul Info startup has developed AI Decision Supporting Tool for growers & Breeders.
  • Deshen Hatsafon is A leading company in Agroecology and Plant Health, offer precise fertilization protocols.
  • What’s on the agenda?
    Yevul info’s intro of : Optimo™ & Phenosense™
    Innovalley distillery intro & tasting, refreshments. 
    Eden Farm R&D center
    Deshen Hatzafon factory visit
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