Thursday , October 19, 2023 Time-09:00am- 03:30pm

Plasson -Maagan Michael

Livestock feeding projects

Organi Green

A tour in the agricultural farm - Professional delegations

  • Visit Organi Green- A tour in the agricultural farm – Professional delegations
  • Arrival, starting with coffee, tea and cold water.
  • Gathering in our visitor’s center – An introduction to our activities in the farm, modern sustainable organic agriculture, drip irrigation, explanation of agro-techniques implementation to improve yields and an overall view of Green 2000 Ltd. projects worldwide.
  • A tour across our unique greenhouse which will demonstrate how modern sustainable organic agriculture looks in reality -Including different vegetables crops and growing methods.
  • A tour in our modern aquaculture production unit – including an overview on how the systems work and what it takes to grow edible fish in fresh water tanks.
  • In our nursery we will explain how a seed becomes a seedling – the practices of growing vegetable seedlings.
  • In our goat milk farm, we will provide an overview on growing and milking goats and the working methods concerning this kind of production unit.
  • A tour in our fruit-trees plantations and vineyard will include an introduction to different agro-techniques such as grafting, fertigation and acclimatizing hybrids to a specific area.
  • In our Vineyard, we will see a 1,000 m2 of organic wines for wine, that we produce in a boutique winery.
  • In our free-range poultry we will discuss on this production unit in terms of efficiency, working methods and semi-automated feeding and eggs collection.
  • In our way back to the starting point we will see a demonstration of a small vegetable production unit, common in developing countries. We will talk about how sources can be reused, the use in organic waste in electricity production and more.


Agricultural avenue & demo of devices

  • Visit Bloomx – agricultural avenue & demo of devices, Rishpon
  • BloomX is underscoring the urgency of adopting technology as an alternative to bees, safeguarding our food security amidst the encroaching shadows of climate change.

  • Our bio-mimicking pollination technology is empowering growers to sustainably drive-up crop yields by up to 30% and improve fruit quality while lowering the environmental footprint of crop production. Our technology couples predictive algorithms with advanced, crop-specific robotic tools replicating the way pollination is done in nature. 

  • Tour durtion 60 minutes
  • A tour of the agricultural area around the offices including an avenue of blueberries and other fruit trees + demo of devices
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