Thursday , October 19, 2023 Time-08:00am- 06:30pm


‏‎Misgav, Hazafon, Israel‎‏

  • Visit Plas-Fit – ‏‎Misgav, Hazafon, Israel‎‏.
  • Plas-Fit and Tavlit are Israeli manufacturers of irrigation products. As of 2022 the two companies merged  and now share over 120 years of combined experience and knowledge of design, development and manufacturing of irrigation products for the fields of agriculture, gardening, infrastructures and Telecom. Company vast product range includes filtration- both disc and screen filters, water fittings, emitters  and sprinklers.

    In the tour at Plas-Fit’s factory in Misgav you will have a chance to see production and automation process and learn about our wide range of products and unique solution for irrigation.



Aquaculture- Fish ponds water treatment
Kibbutz Lochamei HaGetaot

  • Visit Biofishency – Aquaculture- Fish ponds water treatment- Kibbutz Lochamei HaGetaot
  • Tour durtion 30 minutes
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