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  •  BloomX addresses pollination shortfalls for growers, resulting in higher crop success. Maximize your ROI with BloomX’ crop-specific devices and advanced algorithms .
  • Phytech Monitor, Plan, Automate and manage – Irrigation, Nutrition, Pest and Disease; Based on direct data from your trees, fruits and irrigation system

  • South R&D is the first regional R&D established in Israel. The center of its activity is the experimental station at Havt al-Bashur, and it serves the Eshkol, Sdot Negev and Merhavim regional councils, in cooperation with KKL-Junk, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Development of the Negev and the Galilee, the Settlement Division of the Jewish Agency, researchers from the Agricultural Research Administration, the best research institutes and universities, and regional R&D more in the country.
  • ISG – Our unique established methods offer our partners to create a regional – strategic – economic cluster based on regional assets alongside the ability to facilitate access to Israeli innovation and technology. We strive to always offer the most accurate solution and to promote the interests of our customers in Israel.

    Led by ISG Intelligence and with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Western Negev Cluster- which includes 11 municipal authorities and is defined as the largest agricultural area in the State of Israel.

  • AGRONEGEV offers an innovative approach for regional- economic development by multi-sectorial collaborations in the pentagon of: entrepreneurs, research and academic centers, corporate, public sector and capital investors and the local farmers.

    AGRONEGEV holds a unique team of experienced farmers and agronomists alongside with vast experience entrepreneurs that together closing the gap between the startup and the farmer.

  • Down Wind –Concentrating in using the most advanced drones for spraying vast fields

    ❑ Foxing in field crops and vineyards (stage A)

    ▪ Precise extermination capability of wild weeds in the field – unique product

    ❑ Working under a “Unit” concept and not as single drones

    ▪ Specialized Track

    ▪ 110 KVA built-in generator

    ▪ 3 sperate spraying containers (1000 liters each)

    ▪ Up to 6 advanced T-30 Drones (DJI) – up to 3 in the air the same time (“flock”)

     ▪ Crew of 2-3 people per Unit – Driver, Pilot 1 (PIC), Pilot 2 (if needed)

    ❑ Leading the market in ability to cover large areas

    ▪ Operation of 8 tracks during 2023

    ▪ Each track can cover up to 1500 dunam a day

  • Grow Fit – Revolutionizing Agriculture Decision-Making with Virtual Plant Technology . A versatile sensor system providing actionable insights to optimize any scale of greenhouse operations.
  • Gilat is a regional research center belonging to the Agricultural Research Administration, Ministry of Agriculture. The center is located in the north of the Negev in the heart of the Hellas region, an area that includes 4 regional councils: Bnei Shimon, Shaar HaNegev, Merhavim and Gazata. In the area there are 60 agricultural settlements that cultivate about 800,000 dunams. The center’s vision: providing solutions for sustainable agriculture in arid and semi-arid areas.

  • Magen eco-Energy is the largest international manufacturer of solar heating systems
    Magen eco-Energy manufactures highly specialized, innovative polymer heat exchangers for extreme corrosive applications.
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