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  • Ramat Negev R&D Center:
    Ramat Negev is the largest regional council in Israel.
    Covering over 4.2 million dunams, 22% of the state of Israel.
    Ramat Negev Desert Agro Research and Innovation Center is one of Israel’s leading facilities in desert agriculture. Founded in 1981 in the heart of the Israeli desert, ​ the center focuses on growing food in semi-arid and arid areas.
    Our farmers grow a wide variety of crops, including 70% of the Israeli cherry tomato produce, olives, strawberries, dairy products, wine grapes, exotic mushrooms, blueberries, pineapples, Asian greens, potatoes, and much more – all on arid land. 
  • Frontier – Agro Climate Innovation:
    Frontier AgriTech is an agricultural innovation hub led by Arieli Capital in collaboration with Ramat Hanegev Regional Council
    Agriculture Research Center, bringing together Arieli’s global capital, commercialization, and innovation network and Ramat Hanegev’s 70+ years of agricultural knowledge and commercial innovation experience.
    Frontier promotes innovation and technology in food security, climate-resilient agriculture, water, and sustainability with leading corporates, academic institutions, and governments worldwide.
  • Netafim:
    (By Orbia)
    Agricultural Irrigation Systems
    Netafim delivers tailor-made irrigation and fertigation solutions to millions of farmers, enabling growers to maximize food production with the lowest possible environmental impact.
    Specializing in end-to-end solutions from the water source to the root zone, Netafim delivers irrigation and greenhouse projects supported by engineering, project management, and financing services. The company is also working on digital farming, integrating real-time monitoring, analysis, and automated control into one system.
  • InNegev Incubator:
    InNegev is a unique technology incubator dedicated to fostering top-tier Israeli innovation and generating a vibrant new growth model for the Negev region.
    Backed by the Israeli Innovation Authority’s Peripheral Incubators Program, InNegev represents an unprecedented collaboration between prominent industrial, academic, and financial institutions, which have now come together to nurture early-stage startups in ClimaTech & Sustainability:  Agri-Food, Water, Extreme events, Energy, Circularity, Carbon Capture.

  • Kibutz Hazerim:

    Hatzeris is a living example of the changes going through the Israeli kibbutz. From a kibbutz where most of the activity in the past was in agriculture and a minority in industry, Hatzeri has become an impressive tourist center that is a shame not to visit.

    A trip to the premises can begin with a tour of the Natafim factory and see the production process of jojoba oil, from picking it in the field to packaging it in a bottle, continue with a tour of the “sculpture path” in the kibbutz, lunch, and a visit to the first sites that talk about the history of the kibbutz.

    In the kibbutz about 42,000 dunams of wheat, barley and food for grain, vegetables mainly potatoes and in addition carrots, cabbage, fennel, paprika spice, rosemary, and avocado and citrus groves.

  • DeserTech Community:
    DeserTech is an Innovation Community that promotes the development, adaptation and commercialization of technologies that enable sustainable living in arid climates, while simultaneously, turning Be’er Sheva and the Negev region into a global entrepreneurial hub for these technologies.
    The DeserTech Community operates at an international level and is in Be’er Sheva, Israel, part of the world’s desert belt, and a living laboratory of science and technology. DeserTech builds on existing technological and policy research, such as Ben Gurion University and its Institutes for Desert Research, regional R&D centers, and leading startups and corporates in the areas of sustainable agriculture, energy, water, and infrastructure.

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