Thursday , October 19, 2023 Time-09:00am- 06:00pm

Volcani ARO

Rishon Lezion ‏

  • Visit Volcani ARO Rishon Lezion – Agricultural Engineering 
  • The general objective of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering (IAE) is to develop and introduce new concepts, methods and systems that will advance Israeli agriculture and assist Israeli farmers.
  • The activities of the Institute are mostly application-oriented and R&D projects that cover a wide range of subjects, such as harvest and post-harvest systems, greenhouse technologies and environmental control, zoo-technology, soil disinfestation and chemical application systems, quality control and production management. The Institute has successfully completed numerous R&D projects, whose applications can be seen in action both throughout Israel and overseas.
  • The Institute collaborates with farmers, commodity groups, regional processing plants, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Extension Service, and industry, as well as with national and international research organizations and universities.

Netter Center

  • Visit Netter Center
  • Netter Center – An entrepreneurship hub dedicated to cultivating technology-based solutions to meet the agrifood and climate globl challenges. Located in Mikve Israel, where modern agriculture in the land of Israel was invented by Carl Netter in 1870, the center brings together a unique workspace (laboratories, Open fields and spaces for experiments and exhibitions, Event halls, Linking to investment, and Access to the center’s team of mentors and professional experts) with outstanding professional content wide-ranging expertise, and the vision of creating a better, sustainable future. It combines the advantage of its close proximity to the center of Tel Aviv, with the comfort and tranquility of a green and serene natural environment.

  • Netter provides a platform for collaborations between entrepreneurs, start-ups, technology companies, industrial entities, investors, government organizations, researchers, and farmers, who work together and empower each other with this knowledge and capabilities.



Palmachim, Israel‎‏

  • Visit Plas-Fit – ‏‎Palmachim 
  • Plas-Fit and Tavlit are Israeli manufacturers of irrigation products. As of 2022 the two companies merged  and now share over 120 years of combined experience and knowledge of design, development and manufacturing of irrigation products for the fields of agriculture, gardening, infrastructures and Telecom. Company vast product range includes filtration- both disc and screen filters, water fittings, emitters  and sprinklers.

    In the field tour you will have a chance observe Tavlit’s various filtration systems in action and learn about their unit patents in disc filtration and vast product range.

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