Mr. Haim Taib

Mr. Haim Taib is an Israeli entrepreneur and philanthropist, with over three decades of experience strengthening and developing countries in Africa. He initiated dozens of extensive infrastructure projects across diverse sectors in Africa, impacting quality of life and economic growth.

Haim is the founder and president of the Swiss Mitrelli Group, a prominent international consortium comprising specialized companies, dedicated to promoting national-scale turnkey projects in various sectors. The group, which celebrated its 10th anniversary of impactful work in Africa last year, is recognized for its comprehensive solutions in the fields of crop cultivation, fruit orchards, nurseries, irrigation systems, aquaculture, livestock, and more.

Haim Taib is also the founder and president of the Menomadin Foundation, an international impact fund that promotes innovative solutions to social and climate sustainable development challenges in Israel and Africa, in a model that combines strategic philanthropy and impact investments.


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