Mr. Yaron Tchwella

With his rich background leading global public and private high-tech pacesetters, Yaron Tchwella brings a wealth of experience and cutting-edge vision to Mitrelli Group. For more than 30 years, Yaron has guided innovative companies in the development of industry-disrupting products and solutions that help shape a better, more sustainable world. Over the years, he has developed worldwide customer bases and earned the respect of senior business executives, top-level government officials and leading financial institutions.


Yaron now focuses his unique skills at Mitrelli Group, a Swiss international and multicultural Group of companies with 10 years of economic and social impact in Africa, that has developed and delivered innovative, sustainable solutions for millions of citizens, in line with ESG and SDGs goals integrated, and has impacted the lives of millions of citizens on the continent. Yaron’s goal is to advance Mitrelli’s goal of empowering nations and people to advance toward a more prosperous future and better quality of life.


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